Porto San Paolo

Porto San Paolo is located in front of the Protected Marine Area of Tavolara – Punta Coda Cavallo: 15,000 hectares of sea and around 40km of coastal area that are amongst the most attractive places in Sardinia.
The coastline gets its distinctive features from granite rocks dating back to the Palaeozoic era; it is full of scenic bays covered with typical Mediterranean vegetation, including imposing junipers, strawberry trees and evergreen phillyrea shrubs. It is the small islands that give the landscape its special charm and help safeguard local biodiversity. Here, you can notice the stark contrast between the limestone mass of Tavolara, the ‘dragon island’ rising from the sea with its distinctive rugged, vertical shapes, and the smaller, rounder granite islands of Molara, Molarotto, Piana and dei Cavalli.
The underwater environment is characterised by a vast expanse of Neptune grass or Mediterranean tapeweed, a marine seagrass species that forms part of one of the most productive ecosystems in the Mediterranean. There are also various types of Mediterranean coral reefs: developing at different depths, they create a stunning landscape that tourists and divers are particularly drawn to.

The little harbour

The small boats that connect the mainland to the beautiful island of Tavolara depart from the tourist harbour, and allow tourists to tour the entire protected marine area.
In the harbour, you will be able to spot a small dinghy that will allow you to discover the most distinctive beaches and bays of the North-Western coast.